Cotton Crop Division

Rasi Seeds in collaboration with Monsanto Company developed transgenic Bt hybrids that control serious pests of cotton, the bollworms. This was accomplished by the transferring cry 1AC (c) gene of the bacterium Bacillus thuruingiensis through backcross breeding methods into Rasi germplasm.

Realising the excellent performance of the Bt cotton technology, the GEAC, Government of India has approved RCH 2 Bt cotton hybrid for Central and South Zones during 2004. Subsequently with an impressive line up to 20 products under Bt and BG II like RCH 134 Bt, RCH 314 Bt, RCH 20 Bt, RCH 118 Bt, RCH 377 Bt, RCH 138 Bt, RCH 2 BG II, RCH 515 BG II, RCH 530 BG II etc. created a wave in the market. Under ELS segment also the company has released RCHB 708 Bt which is being rated as high yielding hybrid in that segment. Thus, with the development and commercialization of cotton hybrids, Rasi has emerged as a leader in transgenic Bt cotton hybrid seeds distribution in India.

Field Crop Division

A wide spread awareness among discerning consumers has given rise to a demand for fine quality rice with consumer preferred qualities. Thus utmost importance is given to produce genetically pure rice varieties with high seed standards and finest quality through the support of advanced technologies and progressive methods.

Rasi seeds is engaged in the development of high yielding, downy mildew resistant lines with good grain quality and fodder to suit the major pearl millet growing regions in the country. Sophisticated breeding techniques are employed in developing hybrid with high tillering and high volume heads with consumer and market preferred qualities.

Rasi Seeds in collaboration with the International Crops Research Institute for the Semi Arid Tropics (ICRISAT) is in the process of creating new breeding lines.

A high demand cereal in the poultry & starch Industries is being supported by breeding programmes to develop maize hybrids with high yield and oil content with built in resistance for drought and pest like stem borer.

In order to bridge the yawning gap in demand and supply of oil seeds in India, Rasi Seeds has initiated breeding programmes for developing high yielding hybrids with quality.

HyVeg Vegetable Division

The customer centric company, already well known for its cutting edge technological prowess and leadership in Bt cotton India, markets its vegetable seeds in the HyVeg¬Ě brand. Assembling a team of the best professionals, with international experience, from the vegetable seed industry, Rasi has established the vegetable seed division under the leadership of one of the most seasoned seeds man of the country Dr Arvind Kapur, as the CEO. The corporate office is established in IMT Manesar in Gurgaon, Haryana.

Research & Development Quality Assurance Infrastructure